What Does VSCO Stand For?

What is Sksksk?

Sksksk is an interjection used to convey surprise, happiness, and other intense emotions.

It’s stereotyped as an overused expression of VSCO girls on social media..

What does *-* mean in texting?

“In Love” is the most common definition for *_* on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What does OK Boomer mean?

“OK boomer” is a catchphrase and meme used by teenagers and young adults to dismiss or mock attitudes typically associated with people born in the two decades following World War II, known as baby boomers.

What does VSCO girl stand for?

A VSCO girl or VSCO kid (/ˈvɪskoʊ/) is someone who participates in the youth subculture that emerged among teenagers around mid- to late 2019. … Environmentalism, especially topics relating to sea turtle conservation, is also regarded as a main part of VSCO culture.

What E girl means?

As one entry from 2014 put it, “An e-girl is an internet slut. A girl who tends to flirt with many online guys. Her world revolves around getting attention from professional gamers as well as guys who are extremely e-thirsty … Calling a girl an ‘e-girl’ is an insult.

How do you reply to Sksksk?

An appropriate response would be “and I oop.” But you can also use “And I oop” to express your enjoyment.

Most users started using the VSCO as a simple editing tool. However, most individuals have started using the platform as their main source of inspiration because it allows them to add unique and interesting filters that can make even the simple photos interesting. … Most of the users have VSCO grid everywhere.

Who is the real VSCO girl?

Sydney Serena, a teen vlogger with over a million subscribers on YouTube and 515,000 on Instagram, uses and promotes her VSCO, and fits the VSCO aesthetic to a T.

What is a VSCO boy?

, a VSCO boy is someone who either uses VSCO, matches the aesthetics. Definition: A social media aesthetic is the overall look and visual theme of a social media account.

Is VSCO girl an insult?

VSCO girl is a term, generally used as an insult, for a young, usually white woman who posts trendy pictures of herself edited on the app VSCO.

What do you need to be a VSCO girl?

25 Things You Need To Be A VSCO GirlA Fjallraven Kanken backpack for carrying all your stuff to class or to your friend’s house for an epic sleepover. … A Hydro Flask water bottle that’ll keep your water ice cold throughout the day whether you’re at school, skateboarding around town, or chillin in your cozy hangout zone.More items…•

What is a typical VSCO girl?

“Normally when you’re talking about a VSCO girl, it is predominantly people who are white and very skinny and they own all these big name brands,” Caiti DeCort, a 15-year-old YouTuber, told Lauren Strapagiel of Buzzfeed News. “So typically it’s associated with being rich.” The VSCO girl has also been parodied online.

Why are VSCO girls Sksksk?

The phrase most commonly associated with VSCO girls is “and I oop”, which, like “sksksk,” can be used to express shock, surprise or embarrassment. … Since then, the phrase has been used to imply that you had to stop speaking mid-sentence because you were shocked or in pain.

What size Hydro Flask is VSCO?

32 ozWith a lightweight, efficient design, this 32 oz water bottle from Hydro Flask features double-walled insulation that keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

How do you know if a girl is a VSCO?

The makings of a VSCO GirlDrinking lots of coffee (with STRICTLY almond or oat milk. … Being eco-friendly (using paper straws, drinking out of Hydroflasks) … Oversized t-shirts. … Mom jeans. … Vans shoes. … Scrunchies (and LOTS of them) … Messy, relaxed hair (you know, because you’re carefree and whimsical)More items…•