Quick Answer: Why I Cant Open My Mobile Legend?

How do I fix my mobile legends from freezing?

Try and restart your phone, that may be one of the issues is that your phone lacks RAM.

Also try and and uninstall and install the game.

Check for the latest update on Playstore if you’re an Android user.

Update, reinstall, login, look for what instigates the crash..

How much data does mobile legends take?

The average mobile data usage of mobile legends is 5 MB per day. It is the minimum usage if you play the game 2hr per day. 2. In case you are a game lover and you like to play it a few times (4 Hrs) in the day then 11-12 MB per day data will be consumed depending on how much you play.

How do I clear my legend cache on my phone?

Depending on the Android version installed on the device, there will be slight differences on how to complete this action….How to clear cacheGo to “Settings”.Select “Apps”You will see all applications that you have in your device. Find Monster Legend and click it.Tap on “Clear cache” button.

How do I fix ml not downloading resources?

Try restarting the game, clearing cache, or reinstalling the game if it doesn’t download. try to click the go button on the speed version event, then click the classic one, then back to lobby and check it again.

Why can’t I open my mobile legends?

Close/quit and reopen the app. Close/quit the app and restart your phone. Uninstall the app from your device, restart your device, and reinstall the app. Find another device to put the app on and play it there.

How do I fix the black screen on my phone legends?

How to Fix Black Screen issue in Mobile LegendsLaunch the File Explorer app on your device.Go to the Android folder and then head over to the Data folder.Under that, you should see a bunch of folders belonging to all the user-installed apps and games. … Go to that folder and then tap on the Files folder.More items…•

Can’t play ml using WIFI?

then go to settings > network detection > resources check > check. then tap clearing cache > Click to clean cache > tap cancel so app didn’t restarted > back to setting > quit game. after that try to clear your phone cache and turn on wifi then try to login. After switch account, try to use your mobile data to login.

How do you fix a bug in ML?

If You Have Bug ProblemLog In game.On the top left of your screen, you’ll see people wearing headset (next to the youtube box). Click it and tap on which reports are you going to submit.There are various kind of reports there including : – Account hacked. – Payment problem. – Bug reports etc.After that fill in the sheets and submit it.

How can I fix 120 ping in Legends 2019?

[Complaint] 120 Ping Fix Turning Speed mode on/off plus switching 4G to 3G then back to 4G fixed it. You may also try turning Airplane mode on/off. For Wifi, you may try restarting your phone. I had this problem using Mobile Data.

Why does my ML wont open?

If the game is not loading, it is best to ensure first that the device is connected to a stable WiFi connection. … Checking for updates can easily be done in-game or directly on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Another working method is to clear the game’s cache on the device.

Why is my mobile legend stuck on loading?

One of the first things you want to try is clearing the cache and data of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your phone. This could remove anything holding it back and causing the freeze up. If that doesn’t work, there’s always the option to uninstall the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game on your phone and then reinstall it.

How do you fix a stuck ml in Game loading?

Try to clear cache before login to the game. If this trick didnt work, try to fix it by clear data in MLBB app. You need to redownload resource if you do this. If it still happend, the only way is to clear your MLBB data, clear Google Play Games, and celar Google Play Service.