Quick Answer: How Good Is Samsung A71 Camera?

Which is better Samsung a71 vs a51?

Though the Galaxy A71 is the better device of the two in the specs department, it also comes at a higher price.

As you can see from the specs comparison below, the Galaxy A71 has a bigger display, more RAM, higher base storage, higher-resolution primary camera, larger battery, and faster-wired charging than the A51..

Which phone is better than Samsung a71?

Samsung Galaxy A71 vs Vivo V17 Pro vs OnePlus 7 battery comparedSamsung Galaxy A71Vivo V17 ProDISPLAYScreen size (inches)6.706.44Resolution1080x2400 pixels1080x2400 pixelsAspect ratio20:9-67 more rows•Feb 20, 2020

Does a71 have wireless charging?

Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy A71 does’t come with built-in wireless charging, however we’ve found a simple and cost-effective solution to overcome this.

Is the Samsung a71 camera good?

The Galaxy A71 main camera shoots nice photos, though it doesn’t excel in any particular area. The detail is enough but abundant it is not. The dynamic range is very good, but it is boosted by the Auto HDR and when it has triggered, some fine detail is lost in the process.

Is Samsung a71 worth buying?

Must buy! This phone is not a value for money option But definitely a branded non Chinese champ. Very good display, Awesome cameras, Nice design But having a average processor and battery. Overall good experience.

Should I buy s10 or a71?

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the better device. The most important consideration should be the price. The Galaxy S10+ costs more than twice as much as the Galaxy A71, at PHP 47,990 after the recent price drops, while the Galaxy A71 only costs PHP 22,990.

What is the difference between s10 and s10 Lite?

The Galaxy S10 Lite is noticeably heavier than its non-Lite counterpart, weighing 186g instead of 157g, and it’s quite a lot bigger too with a 6.7-inch screen rather than a 6.1-inch display. In fact, in terms of screen size the S10 Lite is the joint biggest S10 phone, matching the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Is Samsung a51 worth buying in 2020?

In fact, the only negative bit that I felt about the smartphone is its optical fingerprint sensor, which can be improved with updates. Hence, in all, the Samsung Galaxy A51 seems like a good buy for anyone in the market for a smartphone under Rs 24,000.

How old is the Samsung a51?

It was announced and released in December 2019. The phone has a Super AMOLED FHD+ 6.5″ display, a 48 MP wide, 12 MP ultrawide, 5 MP depth, and 5 MP macro camera, a 4000 mAh battery, and an optical in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Why is my Samsung a71 so slow?

My Samsung Galaxy A71 Android 10.0 is slow If you’ve used many applications on the phone, it may get slow because the applications keep running in the background. Solution: End running applications. Press the Application key. To end one running application, slide your finger upwards on the required application.

Is Samsung a71 waterproof?

The A71 isn’t waterproof, unlike devices from the Samsung S series.

Which Samsung phone has the best camera?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 UltraThe Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a beast of a handset with a beast of a price. According to our review it has the best-looking screen of any phone and the best camera of any Android phone – one which is also brilliant fun to use, thanks to its 5x optical zoom, fun filters, and slick camera interface.