Quick Answer: How Do I Turn On Friend Notifications On Ps4?

How do you hard reset a ps4?

Perform a factory reset from Safe ModeTurn your PS4 fully off.

Don’t set it to Rest Mode.

Hold down the power button until you hear two beeps.

Choose the reset option you need.

If you’re not having software problems, pick Initialize PS4..

Is there a way to get notifications when someone is online on ps4?

To receive a pop-up notification when a friend goes online, go to [Settings] > [Notifications] > [When Friends Go Online] and place a check mark next to that person. When you select a friend, you’ll see a pop-up when they sign in if: [Display Pop-Up Notifications] is ticked.

How do you stop a friend request on ps4?

Select (Follow) on the profile screen of the player that you want to follow. To cancel a Friend request or real-name request, select [Friend Requests], highlight the player whose request you want to cancel, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Cancel Friend Request] or [Cancel Real-Name Request].

How do I get rid of Discover notifications on ps4?

It’s a bug but I think I found a fix for it. Go to the “Discover” notifications and click on each one and back out. After clicking and backing out of each one, put the PS4 in rest mode. Turn it back on and restart.

How do I know if my PSN is down?

Guide: How to Check if PSN’s Down on Your PS4 All you need to do to use it is go to the console’s ‘Settings’ page, select ‘Network’, and click on ‘View Status of PlayStation Network Services’.

Why can’t I appear online on ps4?

Several possible workarounds have been posted, with one suggesting you to go to Settings > PlayStation Network then log out and log back in, and then log your controller out of the PS4 and back in. Others suggest a full system restart, but that seems to be met with mixed results.

Can you change your online status on ps4 app?

Go to [Profile] > [Set Online Status] to toggle between appearing offline and online. Your avatar on your PS4 home screen shows the icon that your friends can see right now: Offline or appearing offline – red cross. Online – blue circle.

What does it look like when you appear offline on ps4?

To Appear Offline on PlayStation®4 System Now you will see a red “X” next to your avatar to indicate you appear offline.

What do the symbols mean on PlayStation?

In an interview with Teiyu Goto, designer of the original PlayStation controller, he explained what the symbols mean: the circle and cross represent “yes” and “no,” respectively (which explains their common use as “confirm” and “cancel” in games; this layout is reversed in Western games); the triangle symbolizes a …

Where is the notifications screen on ps4?

When you receive a new message or a new invitation, or when content has finished downloading or uploading, a pop-up notification appears in the upper left corner of the screen. To view a detailed list of your notifications, select (Notifications) from the function screen.

What does the phone symbol mean on ps4?

Answers. The cell phone icon indicates that a person is logged in from a mobile device such as a Vita, or a cell phone. I would assume you remove it by making sure you’re logged out of any other devices with your Sony account, and that you should log back in from the PS4.

What does the phone icon mean on ps4?

It means they have the mobile app for playstation.

How do I fix my notifications on ps4?

You can select which notifications you’d like to see by going to [Settings] > [Notifications] > [Pop-up Notifications]. Tick or untick the box next to type of notification to turn them on or off, or you can turn off notifications altogether.