Quick Answer: Does Snapchat Kill Your IPhone Battery?

How do I stop my iPhone from draining my battery on Snapchat?

Open the Settings app and go General > Background App Refresh, and scroll down to Snapchat.

Turning it off will keep Snapchat from updating when it’s not open on your screen, which should save a little battery life..

Should I kill my iPhone battery?

The worst thing you can do is drain the battery to 0%, then not charge it immediately. … If it is going to be unused for a long period, Apple recommends leaving it at around 50% charged (not full, and not empty). You should only use high quality USB power sources to charge your iOS device.

What can kill your iPhone battery?

A lot of things can cause your battery to drain quickly. If you have your screen brightness turned up, for example, or if you’re out of range of Wi-Fi or cellular, your battery might drain quicker than normal. It might even die fast if your battery health has deteriorated over time.

Why is Snapchat draining my iPhone battery?

You can literally watch your battery drain when making use of the iOS favorite. The reason isn’t a terrible one. Snapchat aims to please, so the fact that their app updates immediately in the background when new things pop up tends to wear down the battery faster.

Why is Snapchat using camera in background?

Snapchat isn’t secretly using your camera without your permission, either. The app simply takes a little longer to close than usual, so remains running for a short time once you exit it. This is all the phone is reporting. It’s an enhanced security feature that people are misinterpreting.

Does Snapchat kill your battery?

The main reason that Snapchat is such a battery hog is that the app constantly checks for location updates in the background, which keeps your phone awake more often than it should be. You can remedy this issue rather easily, but in order to do so, you’ll need to be running Android Marshmallow or higher.