Question: Why Does My YouTube Keep Buffering?

Why does my YouTube keep pausing?

Network Disruption.

The second problem that usually caused YouTube keeps pausing is network disruption.

Your internet connection may be in low position and it getting slower to download the content.

Sometimes, this problem can happen not because of your phone error..

How do I get rid of buffering?

How to stop bufferingClose other applications and programs. … Pause the stream for a few moments. … Reduce video quality. … Speed up your internet connection. … Remove other devices connected to your network. … Update graphics card drivers. … Try a wired Ethernet connection. … Clean up your browser settings.More items…•

How do I speed up YouTube on my smart TV?

Open the YouTube app and pick a video to watch. Tap the three dots button at the top right to bring up the video options menu. From the menu, select the Playback speed option. A second menu with playback speeds will open.

What causes buffering problems?

Buffering can occur when your internet connection cannot download enough data in time to keep a video playing smoothly. Buffering can also be caused by the streaming service not sending your device the data it needs quickly enough.

Will faster Internet help with buffering?

But, overall, you’ll probably experience faster downloads with a faster connection. On the other hand, streaming videos from a service like Netflix or YouTube won’t necessarily get a benefit from faster speeds. Yes, at low speeds you’ll be forced to use lower quality settings and perhaps wait for buffering.

How do you stop YouTube from pausing?

Use the YouTube ‘send feedback’ box in the menu. Write something like “Stop auto-pausing videos !” I repeated that enough times to fill about 8 A4 pages (Copy and Paste from Word). Paste that into feedback box (disable screen capture) and send. Send this multiple times, day after day.

How do I fix YouTube keeps stopping?

8 Solutions to Solve YouTube App Crashing on AndroidRestart the app.Restart the Android.Use a VPN.Clear the Cache of YouTube.Reinstall YouTube from Play Store.Reset Network Settings.Re-flash the stock ROM of Android in one click.Reset Factory Settings of this Device.

Why does YouTube keep buffering on my smart TV?

Buffering usually occurs when your internet connection provided by your ISP cannot supply data fast enough for the playback device. The Buffer is the amount of downloaded data on your Television, which loads ahead of the video playback during online streaming.

How do I fix YouTube buffering on my TV?

How to Fix YouTube Videos Keep Buffering on Windows/Mac/iPhoneContents: … Make sure the stable internet connection speed (1Mbps at least) … Restart the router/computer/iPhone. … Clear browser cache and cookies. … Check/Update the Flash Player. … Lower the video resolution. … Download YouTube videos and watch offline.More items…•

Why does the TV keep buffering?

Repeated buffering may result from a technical problem with the content provider or your internet service provider (ISP), but it can also occur when too many devices are using an internet connection at the same time. However, in most cases, it’s a function of your internet speed.

Why do my videos keep pausing?

Disable Smart Pause If they are enabled, you can toggle the buttons off and disable them. Especially, pay attention to the “Smart Pause” option. This is the main culprit which is turning off your videos. Just disable this option as well as other gestures and your video won’t be paused randomly.