Question: Why Can’T The Galaxy S9 Hear?

Can the other person hear your music on a call?

If the microphone and speakers on the phone are of reasonable quality, the other party to the call will hear the music.

He or she will also continue to hear anything you say, as well as ambient and other sounds in your immediate vicinity.

It’s not possible to use Android as a GSM Gateway in its current form..

Are there any problems with the Galaxy s9?

Users have been complaining for months that intermittent connection issues are striking the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, with problems including periodic drops in connection, an inability to pair, and a refusal to reconnect to car-based Bluetooth systems.

How do I fix my microphone on my Samsung Galaxy s9?

Problem: Galaxy S9 Plus microphone won’t work during callsForce restart your device.Wipe the cache partition.Install app and OS updates.Verify how microphone works on Safe Mode.Reset app preferences.Reset all settings.Wipe the phone (factory reset)

Why is it hard to hear on my Samsung phone?

A poorly placed screen protector is one of the most common causes of low volume during calls. Ensure that the volume on your device has been set to the highest level during a voice call. You can also try tapping on the speaker to see if this improves the call volume.

Can barely hear on Galaxy s8?

Solution: If the call volume is already set to its maximum level you can still barely hear the call then you should check if this is caused by some software glitch. … Sometimes after a software update some issues pop up mainly due to old software data that has not been completely removed.

Why is my phone volume so low?

Causes of Problems With Android Phone Volume Your phone is tethered via Bluetooth to another device that plays sound. An app is running in the background that controls the overall volume. Do Not Disturb Mode is active. The speakers or headphones have hardware problems.

How do you fix the speaker on a Samsung phone?

How to Fix It When the Speaker Is Not Working on Your Android DeviceTurn on the speaker. … Turn up the in-call volume. … Adjust the app sound settings. … Check the media volume. … Make sure Do Not Disturb isn’t enabled. … Make sure your headphones aren’t plugged in. … Remove your phone from its case. … Reboot your device.More items…•

Why can’t the Galaxy s9 hear?

Check the Volume in ‘Settings’ – You’ve probably attempted to turn up the volume on your phone already, the keys on the left side of your phone may turn up the media but not the earpiece sounds. Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Sounds and Vibration’ and ensure that all volume options are turned all the way up.

Why can no one hear me on FaceTime?

One potential cause of FaceTime audio problems is that your microphone is actually being used by another app while you’re trying to make a call. … If this is the case, close any app that is or might be using your device’s microphone, and then try calling again. Check that your microphone is working properly.

How do you fix the low volume on a call on a Samsung Galaxy?

Low audio on calls fix #5: Reset Phone appOpen Settings app.Tap Apps.Tap the More settings icon (three-dot icon, upper right).Tap Show system apps.Find and tap Phone app.Tap Storage.Tap Clear data button.Restart the phone and check for the problem.

How do you fix your phone when the other person can’t hear you?

What to Do if People Can’t Hear Me during a Phone Call?Check the signal strength at both the caller and receiver ends. … Check if the call is a default phone call or from a third-party call app. … Ensure your microphone is working. … Connect an earphone to the phone to check if the other person can hear.Clear the cache and data of the Phone app.More items…

How do I fix the low volume on my Samsung phone?

If your phone can’t reach full volume, make sure that your volume limiter isn’t restricting you.Open the Settings app on your Android device.Tap on “Sounds and vibration.”Tap on “Volume.”In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the three vertical dots, then tap “Media volume limiter.”More items…•

How do I fix the sound on my Galaxy s9?

Second solution: Manage sound settings on your Samsung S9.Swipe up or down from the center of the Home screen to open the Apps screen.Go to Settings.Tap Sounds and vibration.Tap Volume.To adjust the volume level, drag the slider left or right.More items…•

How come I cant hear someone when I call them on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Sounds (or Settings > Sounds & Haptics), and drag the Ringer and Alerts slider back and forth a few times. If you don’t hear any sound, or if your speaker button on the Ringer and Alerts slider is dimmed, your speaker might need service. Contact Apple Support for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How do I make my s9 louder?

Thanks to the SoundAssistant app, you can increase volume increments all the way up to 150 steps. To do so, open the SoundAssistant app from Tip 4 and tap “Advanced settings.” From there, go to “Change step volume” and use the slider to increase the number of media volume steps.