Question: Should I Buy Pixel 4 Or Wait For 5?

Should I buy pixel 4 or iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 Pro tops the Pixel 4, not just because of its superior processor and better battery life, but because it edges out Google’s phone in one area that Google used to dominate — mobile photography..

Is the pixel 4 selling well?

Google’s Pixel 4 phones are selling surprisingly well, despite suffering a rocky start, according to fresh data from Strategy Analytics. Strategy Analytics analyst Yiwen Wu revealed there was a boom in Google phone shipments at the end of last year in a Q4 ’19: Google: Volume Up but Remain in Red report.

Why is the pixel 4a so cheap?

The Pixel 4A is cheaper than high-end devices largely because it lacks the frills in fancy phones, like wireless charging and a face scanner.

Why did Google pixel fail?

Pixels suffered from several issues after the release, including excessive optical lens flare in pictures captured through rear camera, connectivity issues with some mobile data bands, unstable Bluetooth connections, unexpected battery shutdowns, and failing microphones.

Is the pixel 4 waterproof?

Pixel 5, 4, 3, and 2 phones are designed to be water-resistant. But normal wear and tear can reduce water-resistance.

Is the pixel 5 worth waiting for?

The Pixel 5 was announced on September 30, 2020 at Google’s Launch Night In event. This is Google’s top-end phone of 2020 and it’s a great option if you want: A more affordable 5G phone with some flagship-level features. A great camera experience.

Should I wait to buy pixel 4?

Albeit you may have to spend a little more cash — if you’re holding out for a great 5G phone at under $400 (with global availability), you’ll probably be waiting until 2021. Even so, the Pixel 4a is only worth the wait for those who want the essentials done well for a reasonable price, not the full bells and whistles.

Why is pixel 4 so bad?

The 90Hz display doesn’t run in 90Hz all the time due to battery concerns, and that makes the phone feel slower than its 90Hz competition. … The battery is small, and the runtime is poor. The thing that most concerns me about the Pixel 4, though, is longevity.

Is the pixel 4 a flop?

In terms of smartphones, the Google Pixel 4 range was one of the biggest disappointments of 2019, and a few snippets from Alphabet’s latest earnings call have strongly hinted that the firm’s latest handsets are not selling well.

Will there be pixel 5 XL?

But even if Google retained the naming convention and released the devices as the Pixel 5 and 5s, there’s the fact that we’re missing an XL moniker this year. While the naming Google ultimately went with adds more confusion, there is a large variant in the Pixel 2020 lineup, and that’s the Pixel 4a 5G.

How bad is pixel 4 battery life?

If you have the Pixel 4 XL, you can expect these times to be slightly longer. He says heavy usage gets him around 3 hours of screen on time while light usage can make it out to about 5 hours, on average. The camera really seems to drain the battery, which isn’t great for a Pixel as it is a great camera phone.

Why did Google discontinue the pixel 4?

A recent management shakeup appears to point to a desire for a new direction for the line, which has long suffered from uneven sales. Among other things, Google entered an already saturated market and has had some trouble distinguishing its offerings from other Android handsets.