Question: Is Snapchat Doing The Egg Hunt?

Where are the eggs on Snapchat 2020?

Collect eggs without leaving your own home by moving around Snap Map.

Simply tap on and egg you find on the Map to add it to your basket.

The hunt is on – find as many eggs as you can until 12 April.

Rules – Search around the world to find eggs..

Why can’t I collect eggs on Snapchat?

Just go to your settings and make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat. It’s an easy fix, but it’ll definitely help you get started ASAP. If you aren’t sure what to do once you find the eggs on Snap Map, it’s super simple. Once you get to the egg’s location, point your rear-facing camera at the cyber egg.

What do u get if u win the Snapchat egg hunt?

When a Snapchat user is close to a chick on the Snap Map, they’ll unlock a special Mini-Game Lens with the chance to win between three and ten points. The eggs for the Snapchat Egg Hunt will be hidden at public locations such as coffee shops, shopping centres, airports and amusement parks.

How long does the Snapchat egg hunt last?

According to Snap, the game officially became available on Friday, April 19 at 6 a.m. PT, and it will last through Sunday, April 21 at 9 p.m. PT. The concept is exactly the same as it was last year, in that you’ll use your phone’s camera to collect virtual Easter eggs. To start, open your Snapchat app’s Snap Map.

Will there be a Snapchat Egg Hunt 2020?

Snapchat users would be right to be slightly dubious over whether a 2020 Easter egg hunt would be taking place due to the global lockdown of Spring 2020 due to the Coronavirus. Although the Snapchat Easter egg hunt isn’t taking place exactly as it has done before, it is still going ahead.

What is the point of the Snapchat egg hunt?

Using the Snapchat app, users are encouraged to hunt for virtual Easter Eggs in the real world. Each egg is worth one point, although there are rarer five-point eggs sporadically spread around. The aim is to collect as many as you can and gain the biggest score.

How do I get all the eggs on Snapchat?

Collect as many eggs as you can by April 12th without leaving your home! Swipe down from the Camera screen to open the Snap Map, then search for eggs all over the world! Simply tap on an egg to add it to your basket. Your browser doesn’t support video.

How do you start the egg hunt on Snapchat?

To play the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt, you can simply open up the Snapchat app on your device and swipe down on the Camera Screen to access the Snap Map. Now, look for near world-famous landmarks for eggs, and click on the eggs to add them to your basket. You can also click on any of the baskets to begin a mini-game.

What are the Easter eggs on SNAP map?

They can access the map by opening up the camera screen and then swiping down. Once they open it up they’ll be able to see their friends and stories in the map as well. They’ll also see the eggs in the app in all different colors. Each Easter egg is worth one point while the Golden Eggs are worth five.