How Do You Log Into Snapchat Without Verification Code?

How do I get the old Snapchat back 2020?

Thus, even when you update your app to a newer version, you will still have the previous version backed up, so if you wish to roll back, you can simply uninstall the new update, and then install the backed-up version from the backups — thus avoiding the need to download an APK from the web..

How can I recover my Snapchat without phone number?

Launch the Snapchat app, and go to Settings. Select ‘Password’ under ‘My Account’. Tap ‘Forgot your password’, then choose how you would like to receive your verification code. Enter the verification code and set up your new password.

How do I log into Snapchat with code?

Launch the app and swipe down on the camera screen to bring up your account info. Tap on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen. From there, tap on Login Verification option listed in the menu. Follow the prompts, which include entering a verification code that will be sent to your phone number.

How do I recover my Snapchat with a new number?

How to Recover Your Snapchat AccountLaunch Snapchat on your phone and tap on login. … Now, choose whether you want to recover your account using your phone or email. … Now, Snapchat will send you an email with the link to reset the password. … In case you chose the recovery by phone option.More items…•

Why can’t I log into my Snapchat account?

Check Your Internet Connection Make sure your device has a good internet connection. You can try connecting to Wi-Fi if you have weak cellular service. Restarting your device may also help with internet connection problems. Learn more about troubleshooting internet issues on Android 🤖 or iOS 🍎 devices.

How can I get my old Snapchat back?

Here’s how to get the old Snapchat back:Delete Snapchat from your iPhone by holding down the app icon and then tapping the X. … Tap Delete to confirm the deletion.Open Settings.Tap iTunes & App Store.Turn off Updates.Open Snapchat in the App Store. … Tap Download.Tap Log In.More items…•

How can I reactivate my Snapchat?

To reactivate your Snapchat account, simply log in with your username and password. You can’t log in to a deactivated account with your email address, or change your password. It should be noted that it may take 24 hours before you can reactivate your deactivated account.

How can I reset my Snapchat password with my phone number?

To reset your password via SMS from the Snapchat Log In screen:Tap ‘Forgot your password? … Then select how you would like to reset your password — via SMS.A verification code should be sent to the phone number associated with your account.Enter the verification code and select ‘Continue’More items…

How do I reset my Snapchat password online?

How to reset your passwordTap “Forgot Your Password?”Then select how you would like to reset your password – via email.You should receive a password reset link via email to the address associated with your account.Click the URL (if you can’t click the URL, copy and paste it into your browser)Finally, choose and enter your new password.

How do I access my Snapchat account?

How to Find Your Snapchat Username. If you’re not sure what your username is, tap on your Profile icon at the top of the screen — your username is shown next to your Snapchat score.

Can you log into Snapchat with phone number?

No. In order to login to Snapchat, you must have an account, which requires a password and either an email or a phone number. … Type in your email address or type in your new number that you will find in Settings.

What is Snapchat recovery code?

A recovery code is a backup way to log in case you can’t get your Login Code from a text message or your authenticator app. If you enable two-factor authentication, we strongly recommend that you make a recovery code and keep it in a safe place.

How do you verify a device on Snapchat?

To enable this feature, go to your Snapchat settings and select ‘Login Verification. ‘ Snapchat will send you a unique verification code via SMS to the verified phone number linked to your account. This verification code must be entered to verify your device.